Samara Weiss is a playwright, currently living and working in New York City.  She has a thing about undeciphered scripts, lost languages in general, and Linear A in particular.  She is from southern California, but cannot surf; her parents think her website is too plain.  “Sickly brilliant,” somebody said.  “Heroically herself,” said somebody else.  “You would not believe this fucking play I just saw,” said somebody, into a cellphone in the lobby.

You can send her an email here.  If you’d like to be on her mailing list, please say so.  She tweets absentmindedly under the excruciatingly guessable handle @samaraweiss.

Catwalk Resident (2018), New Georges Affiliated Artist, Cutting Ball Theatre Risky Playwright, two-time Segal Award recipient.  MFA Columbia (mentor Will Eno).