Past Productions

Three elegies in Phaedra’s Phuneral (ERA & Poor Monsters, 2016)

Hippolytus Clean (ERA, 2015)

Untitled in R+J: A Telephone Play, or Don’t Drink the Milk (ERA, 2015)

Lucrece from the Dark (Chicago Dramatists, 2014)

Foreign Wars (Random Access, 2014)

Dirt, Part 1 (HERE Summer Residency/Enthuse, 2012)

Rejoice, in the Imperative (NYU Humanities Initiative, 2012)

Downstream (BOB the Pavilion, 2011)

Lines in Code (3LD/Columbia SoA, 2011)

Lucrece from the Dark (NYU Humanities Initiative, 2011)

AK-47 Sing-Along (HERE/Fringe NYC, 2010)

Forget This City (Enthuse, 2010)

Starvation Games (Columbia SoA, 2010)

AK-47 Sing-Along (Columbia SoA, 2009)

Current-Caught (Columbia SoA, 2009)

The Waking Edge (Columbia SoA, 2009)

Seal Woman Story (Lost in Customs, Hyderabad, India, 2006)


Part of the 2018 Higher Ground Festival


Saturday, June 16, 2018


Anne Loftus Playground (Broadway and Dyckman)

New York, NY

“In Ireland They Speak Irish; In Cornwall They Speak Cornish”

Part of the Red Bull New Plays Festival

Monday, July 16, 2018


Lucille Lortel Theatre

121 Christopher St

New York, NY

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(Laura Esposito and Brian Hastert in Lines in Code.)