Presented as part of the HERE Arts Center’s Summer Sublet program, directed by Ashley Kelly-Tata, with Becca Poccia and Hannah Hessel as dramaturgs.

Coco Maria Benoit* as Gemma

Sean Michael Chin as Gregory

Tom Giordano* as Q

Nate Grams as Z

Jenna Hoff as A

Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs as J

Leemore Malka as N

Jensen Olaya as Elise

Gwenevere Sisco as Shirley

Scenic and lighting design by Anshuman Bhatia

Sound design by John Kemp

Costume design by Alexandra Regazzoni

Projection design by Tuce Yusak

Stage managed by Christina Franklin

Photographs by Anshuman Bhatia

* - Appears courtesy AEA

Dirt (Part 1)

(HERE Arts Center, 2012)